Thin Film Asphalt Oven

Thin Film Asphalt Oven

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Thin Film Asphalt Oven

Dual purpose oven for loss of heat test and Thin Film Asphalt Oven test for bitumen and asphaltic materials. Interior chamber of stainless steel and stored powder painter steel exterior. Double glazed window in door for viewing test chamber. Side mounted controls comprise microprocessor digital control, independent overheat thermostat, mains switch and indicator lamps. Two rotating platforms supplied to perform both the tests.

Specification of Thin Film Asphalt Oven

1. Electrical Requirements

  • 115V 60Hz
  • 230V 50Hz

2. Dimensions

  • Internal Chamber Dimension: 38cm(h) x 52 cm(w) x 46 cm(l)
  • External Chamber Dimension: 57cm(h) x 87 cm(w) x 63 cm(l)
  • Net Weight: 44 kg