Tissue Organ Bath System

Tissue Organ Bath System

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Tissue Organ Bath System

Features of Tissue Organ Bath System

  1. The four chambers allow studies of four preparations simultaneously
  2. Ideal for work requiring a higher through-put such as cumulative concentration-response curves
  3. Built-in heating, electronic valves for simultaneous rapid remo-val of buffer, analog output of force

Specifications of Tissue Organ Bath System

The 4-channel Tissue Bath Systemis a highly sophisticated, robust, easy-to-use research instrument for the in vitro study of larger blood vessels (>450μm) and other tubular tissues. Each single myograph unit, made of aluminium, has a round, centrally placed stainless steel chamber. The tissue supports are pins positioned in the chamber with one side attached to the force transducer and the other to a micropositioner.