Tissue Organ Bath System 750TOBS

Tissue Organ Bath System 750TOBS

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Tissue Organ Bath System 750TOBS

Features of Tissue Organ Bath System 750TOBS

  1. Modular system for ex-vivo testing of tissue strips or rings
  2. Integrated automatic drain and filling of chambers
  3. Designed for pharmacological testing and screening

Specifications of Tissue Organ Bath System 750TOBS

Organ baths tend to occupy a lot of bench space, experience temperature delays and gradients with circulating water in the double-jacketed components, are labour intensive to clean, are difficult to automate, and for the most part, are non compliant. To remedy these limitations, DIDAC has redesigned the organ bath system for the new millennium using the latest developments in material and computer and tissue engineering. We took away the circulating water-heating and replaced it with rapid air-heating for more efficient and consistent temperature control. We took away the double-jacketed glass chambers and replaced them with single-wall glass chambers to make cleaning easier. We added computer-automated filling and emptying control to ease workload. We even provided digital force output for higher quality data acquisition. We managed to put all of this in a box that takes up a quarter of the space of a traditional system.