Tissue Puller

Tissue Puller

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Tissue Puller 

Features of Tissue Puller 

  1. A simple, easy-to-use economical single-channel system.
  2. Ideal for quick, simultaneous measurements of biodynamic parameters such as compliance and fatigue.
  3. Pin and clamp mounts facilitate the use of a mix of ring samples and strip samples.
  4. Force transducer with a large range and high sensitivity for force detection.

Specifications of Tissue Puller 

The Tissue Puller is an economical tensometer that allows quick and easy determination of tensile strength in tissues. This is an easy-to-use tensometer that has the flexibility to measure the tensile properties in conduit arteries such as mouse and rat aortas as well as muscular strips with the use of interchangeable mounting pins for ring-like tissues or clamp mounts for strip-like tissues. Each unit is a single apparatus, containing all the necessary components needed to conduct experiments. The system connects easily and quickly to the USB port of a desktop or laptop computer, making data collection fast and easy. All controls for the tensometer are integrated into the included software package that also acts as the data acquisition, allowing the user to view the real-time plot of the length tension curves.

This tensometer is highly suited for biodynamics experiments involving the measurement and characterization of tissue tensile strength.