Touch Fairy Vortexer

Touch Fairy Vortexer

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Touch Fairy Vortexer

The Dancing Fairy–Vortexer Smart focus on touch-to-mix (short mix) for a variety of tubes / centrifugal tubes. Its compact design makes it very attractive and welcome, while its touch-to-mix operation makes it very easy handling and quite convenient. Dancing Fairy –Vortexer Smart becomes an essential experimental instrument with its prominent mixing effect.


  1. The maximum diameter of the mixed tube is up to 30mm. Suit for mixing tubes / centrifugal tubes with prominent mixing effect.
  2. Outer shell and touch concave are made of plastic which is resistance to chemical attack. The thick base makes operation very steady and reliable.
  3. 12V low voltage power adapter built in, very smart and portable.
  4. The type can adjust speed to meet different experimental requests.


  1. Mixing Method: Circle Shaking (Vortexing)
  2. Shaking Orbit: 4.5 mm
  3. Loading Capacity (1 tube): max. to 50 ml
  4. Motor Input / Output Power: 1.2 W / 0.8 W
  5. Shaking Speed: 2,800 rpm, 0-2,800 rpm
  6. Dimension: 110 x 70 mm
  7. Net Weight:1.2 kg
  8. Power: AC 90 ~ 230V / 15W