Tribometers and Mechanical Testers CP4

Tribometers and Mechanical Testers CP4

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Tribometers and Mechanical Testers CP-4

  1. The new DIDAC CP-4 CMP Process and Material Characterization System has been designed from the ground up specifically for reliable, flexible, and cost effective characterization of wafer polishing processes.
  2. Reproduces full-scale wafer polishing-process conditions
  3. Provides unmatched measurement repeatability and detail
  4. Performs tests on small coupons rather than whole wafers for substantial cost savings

Technical Detail:

  1. Delivers more visibility into transient polishing properties than any other system on the market
  2. Collects data from the instant the substrate touches the pad and throughout the entire test
  3. Enables early-stage process development decisions through more complete, detailed data
  4. Polishes any flat material, using virtually any conditioning disc, any slurry, and any pad
  5. Accommodates small coupons and up to whole 100mm wafers with ease
  6. Accepts multiple sample mounts for flexibility