Trinocular Microsurgical System for microscope

Trinocular Microsurgical System for microscope

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Description of Trinocular Microsurgical System

DIDAC offers an economically priced training Trinocular zoom stereo system for Microvascular Anastomosis for practicing microsurgical training procedures to suture and repair blood vessels in place of a costly surgical microscope. body has a long 200mm working length, increase focal depth and a wide field number. The zoom body offers direct light to all three viewing ports simultaneously. Featuring Greenough optics for enhance image flatness and contrast. As a result, views of three dimensional surfaces are sharp with excellent depth characteristic. Trinocular Microsurgical System a high intensity, inclinable oblique LED illumination with up to 20,000 hour bulb life on a low profile ergonomically designed compact stand that offers superior performance at low cost.

Specification of Trinocular Microsurgical System

  1. Body: Trinocular, Rotatable 360°, Cast Aluminum Alloy Construction
  2. Trinocular Port: 23.2mm I.D, 25.2mm O.D
  3. Zoom Ratio: 6.5:1
  4. Zoom Range: 3.94x – 25.3x with .45X Auxiliary lens and 12.5x eyepieces
  5. Zoom Knobs Markings: 0.7, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5
  6. Zoom Control: Dual, graduated, bilateral
  7. Magnification: 3.94x - 25.3x (12.5x eyepieces)
  8. Objective Lens: Brass Construction
  9. Field of View: 63.5mm - 9.8mm
  10. Eyetube Inclination: 30°
  11. Eyepieces: 12.5x (5x, 7.5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, and 30x - optional)
  12. Interpupillary Distance: 54mm - 75mm
  13. Dioptric Adjustment: Dual (+/- 5 diopters)
  14. Extended Mag Range: 2.45x - 202.5x (With auxiliary lenses and eyepieces)
  15. Auxiliary Lenses: 0.45x (247mm) (0.3x (326mm), 0.5x (200mm), 0.75x (127mm), 1.5x (64mm), and 2.0x (44mm)