Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine

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Universal Testing Machine

High temperature tensile test chamber combines high temperature chamber with tensile test machine, it is used to do tensile test of material under high temperature environment, adopt module design with carious affiliated parts and flexible collocation. also can customize different clamps according to different requirements.


Technical parameter

1. The largest test weight: 2000kg(20KN)

2. test accuracy: grade 1 / grade 0.5 ( selected item)

3. stretch room: 500 mm (standard type) 

4. effective test width: 400 mm

5. measurement range: 0.4%—100%FS

6. indicating value accuracy: 1/250000 (standard type)

7. displacement value resolution: 0.00004mm

8. displacement error of indication value: within ±0.2% of the indication value

9. displacement rate control range: 0.001-500mm/min

10. small deformation indicated value error: within ±0.5% of indicated value

11. small deformation measurement range: 0.2%100%FS

12. small deformation resolution ratio: 1/250000

13. large deformation indicated value error: within±1% of indicated value

14. large deformation measurement range: 10-800mm

15. large deformation resolution ratio: 0.001mm

16. temperature range: RT+10--200 Degrees

Body dimension

(standard type)

Subject to actual machine


(standard type)

About 500kg