Vapor Sorption Analyzer

Vapor Sorption Analyzer

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Vapor Sorption Analyzer

The new automated Vapor Sorption Analyzer is designed for high performance sorption analysis of materials under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity. Its design integrates our latest high sensitivity, temperature controlled thermo balance with an innovative humidity generation system, advanced multi-position auto sampler, and powerful Advantage software with technique specific programs. The Vapor Sorption Analyzer delivers the performance and reliability required in a leading sorption analyzer and in a compact, user-friendly design.

Features of Vapor Sorption Analyzer

1. Thermo Balance


  • Ultra sensitive thermobalance
  • Superior baseline stability


2. Humidity Control Chamber


  • Uniformed atmosphere within the sample and reference chambers
  • Precise and accurate humidity control over a broad range


3. Autosampler

Thermo Mechanical Analyzer

This the industry standard research-grade Thermo Mechanical Analyzer, with unmatched flexibility in operating modes, test probes, fixtures, and available signals. The Enhanced Mode allows for dynamic experiments to measure complex, storage and loss module, as well as Modulated in which reversing and non-reversing components of displacement are available.

Features of Thermo Mechanical Analyzer

  1. Software-controlled vertical movement
  2. High performance design for accurate and precise temperature/heating rate control
  3. Cooling reservoir allows passive cooling, or mechanical cooling
  4. Rugged design ensures long life


  • Multi-position sample carousel that allows automated analysis of up to 10 samples
  • Fully automated testing procedures