VARIOKLAV Large Sterilizer

VARIOKLAV Large Sterilizer

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VARIOKLAV Large Sterilizer

In order to ensure a rapid introduction and a high degree of flexibility, this sterilizer has only very small outer dimensions, measured in terms of its useful volume. The width is 890 mm and the height 1900 mm. By using the sandwich panels and avoiding weld seams in highly stressed areas, high load cycles can be achieved. This means that recurring tests take place significantly later and thus save valuable operating times. The new chamber construction in sandwich construction allows a constant material strength with a lower material requirement.


  1. Universal program with 134 ° C
  2. Packed sterilization material
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Universal intensive 134 ° C
  5. Difficult to be sterilized
  6. Heavy sieves / containers
  7. Thermolabile 121 ° C
  8. Special plastics
  9. Optics