Ventilated Balance Enclosure

Ventilated Balance Enclosure

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Ventilated Balance Enclosure

Ventilated Balance Enclosure is designed specifically for stability and accuracy while maintaining a high level of operator protection by containing hazardous airborne powder. Using our aerodynamic design on sash and arm rest plus a sectionalized baffle, the airborne powders are well contained inside the enclosure and exhausted through a HEPA filter or direct to the lab exhaust.

Features of Ventilated Balance Enclosure

  1. Negative pressure application provides high level of operator's protection from hazardous airborne particles
  2. Disposal Port is equipped with O-Ring to provide a sealed trash bag for additional powder containment solution
  3. Modular Design: Using VBE modules, the unit can be fully customized
  4. Filtration System: VBE can be equipped with a Filter Module or a Portable Filter Module for added air flow control. Blower Module can also be added.