Versatile Laboratory Reactors

Versatile Laboratory Reactors

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Versatile Laboratory Reactors 

Modularly configured laboratory reactor for the optimization and reproduction of various chemical reactions, mixing and homogenization processes on a lab scale.

The system is particularly characterized by the agitator mounting, which allows for a safe transfer of the higher motor torque dispersers, temperature sensors, flow breakers and other accessories can be attached to the open ports of the reactor cover.

Specification of Versatile Laboratory Reactors 

Usable volume min.

500 ml

Usable volume max.

2000 ml

Working temperature min.

Room temp. °C

Working temperature max.

230 °C

Attainable vacuum

25 mbar

Viscosity max.

150000 mPas

Speed range

8 - 290 rpm

Telescope stand stroke

390 mm

Material in contact with medium

borosilicate glass, steel 1.4571

Reactor vessel openings (units/standard)

3/NS 29/32 2/NS 14/23

Dimensions (W x H x D)

460 x 1240 x 430 mm


25 kg

Permissible ambient temperature

5 - 40 °C

Permissible relative humidity

80 %


115 V