Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer

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Vertical Pressure Steam Sterilizer

The pressure steam sterilizer is a vertical automatic quick sterilization device, with high-temperature saturated steam as the medium. It is suitable for rapid sterilization of equipment, dressing, rubber, liquid, glassware, culture media, waste and other items in laboratories, operating rooms, supply rooms, higher education, animal husbandry, disease control, and all other medical and health and biomedical research institutes.


  1. IHEC. Heating System: Improve the use of excess heat to reduce heating time and reduce power output when sterilization.
  2. HE.RC configures efficient cooling fans and condenser, accelerate air flow, and reduce the equipment cooling time.
  3. ECT temperature control: control the temperature increase steadily.
  4. D type is equipped with APC. Automatic program control: sterilization, melting, heat preservation, fast cooling, the inner exhaust, automatic watering and drying functions.
  5. There are 4 (C type) or 6 (D type) preset sterilization modes for different samples.
  6. Internal circulation exhaust