Water And Ration Heaters

Water And Ration Heaters

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Water And Ration Heaters

The Water And Ration Heaters connects with standard military connectors to the auxiliary power supply of 24 volts DC in armoured and soft-skinned vehicles. The Water And Ration Heaters has a low power uptake and only pulls 15 amps of power. With a built-in intelligent sensor, the unit automatically switches off if the battery power is getting low and drops to 22 volts; there is a similar over-voltage protection feature in the event of a sudden power surge to over 39 volts.

Features of Water And Ration Heaters

  1. Heats 2 pints water in the vehicle while on the move
  2. Contents remains hot for up to 6 hours after the unit has been switched off
  3. " Cool to touch" outer casing
  4. Designed-in " Boil Dry" condition and fail safe mechanisms
  5. Connects to vehicles auxiliary power supply, 24 volts DC
  6. Heating range 66 to 71°C (on LO setting)               
  7. Heating range 82 to 88°C (on HI setting)
  8. Ramp rate of 56°C in one hour (max) from ambient temperature of 21°C