Water Purification System

Water Purification System

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Water Purification System

The Water Purification System is a configurable system designed to meet the requirements of any laboratory accommodating water supply from a potable source. The comprehensive nature of the ensures suitability to different Industry sectors. Both RO (reverse osmosis) and UP (uitra pure) grades of water can be produced to varying degrees of Purity dependant on theintended use of the water.

Typical Applications of Water Purification System

  1. General Laboratory Analysis
  2. Preparation of Stock Solutions
  3. Washing and rinsing of Glassware
  4. Analysis of Micro-Organisms
  5. Cell Culture
  6. DNA/RNA tests

Features of Water Purification System

  1. Auto Calibration for Water Purity
  2. Hourly re-purification cycle
  3. Automatic re-purification cycle set by Purity limit
  4. Set levels for filter change warning