Water Recirculator

Water Recirculator

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Water Recirculator

Description of Water Recirculator

Water circulation unit, designed to feed closed water loop circuits for condensers, distillation columns, reactor jackets, viscometers, electrophoresis baths etc. designed specifically for:

  • Constant temperature.
  • Constant pump rate of refrigerated fluid.
  • Closed loop circuit, avoids the build up of scale in cooling coils,and cooling circuits.

Features of Water Recirculator

  1. Digital electronic temperature regulation.
  2. Circulation flow: 20 L/min.
  3. Inox covered steel case.
  4. NEW Hose connectors Ø 12mm internal 230V single phase.
  5. INTERHERATER Heating power 2 or 4 KW control panel selectable.