Water Separability Tester

Water Separability Tester

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Water Separability Tester

Seven sample Water Separability Tester provides full visibility and microprocessor control of all functions for simplified, accurate testing of up to seven samples at a time. Use for specification of new oils and monitoring of in-service petroleum oils and synthetic fluids.

Specification of Water Separability Tester

  1. Stirrer Range: 60-1800rpm
  2. Accuracy: ±1.0rpm
  3. Drive: 1/10hp (75W), high torque
  4. Bath Temperature Range: 25°C to 150°C
  5. Control Stability: ±0.05°C
  6. Capacity: seven (7) 100mL graduated cylinders
  7. Medium: Water or white technical oil
  8. Medium Capacity: 21.9L (5.8 gal)
  9. Electrical Requirements: 115V 50/60Hz, 12A, 220-240V 50/60Hz, 6A
  10. Dimensions: 12x12x38 ,Net Weight: 55 lbs (24.9kg)