Water Washout Tester

Water Washout Tester

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Water Washout Tester

Rotates a lubricated ball bearing at 600rpm in a modified bearing/housing assembly while impinging the bearing with a jet of Water Washout Tester at the specified flow rate and temperature. The tared bearing and bearing shields are weighed before installation in the bearing housing and again after testing and drying to determine the amount of sample loss. Consists of reservoir, bearing housing, circulation system and drive motor. Reservoir is equipped with cartridge heater, thermo regulator and thermometer port for accurate temperature control at 100°F and 175°F (38°C and 79°C) per specifications.

Specifications of Water Washout Tester

1. Electrical Requirements


  • 115V 60Hz, Single Phase,10.1A
  • 220-240V 50Hz, Single Phase, 5.1A
  • 220-240V 60Hz, Single Phase, 5.1A


2. Dimensions


  • 18x12x18.75 (46x30x48)
  • Net Weight: 67 lbs (30.4kg)