WhisperFlow Bench Top Laminar Flow Hood

WhisperFlow Bench Top Laminar Flow Hood

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Whisper Flow Bench Top Laminar Flow Hood

  1. Portable, economical system converts any benchtop surface into a laminar flow station
  2. Low-energy, electrically-commutated fan motor (ECM) reduces operating costs and enables remote, automatic monitoring and control of FFU (sold separately)
  3. Provides air flow speed 109 feet/minute (0.55 m/s) measured with HEPA filter; internal baffling plates and anodized aluminum diffuser panel ensure uniform air speed across the work area
  4. Quiet operation: 50 dBA measured 12" (305 mm) from filter face
  5. Select vertical or horizontal flow configuration to meet your requirements
  6. Available with many application-specific wall panels, including polycarbonate, static-dissipative PVC and stainless steel
  7. Work surfaces available to meet any cleanliness requirement
  8. Standard widths to 72" (1829 mm), with 24" (610 mm) or 30" (762 mm) depth (for horizontal laminar flow hoods, add another 13" [330 mm] for rear-mounted fan/filter unit)
  9. Standard outside height of 40.8" (1036 mm); horizontal flow hood height is 24" (610 mm)

Features of Whisper Flow Bench Top Laminar Flow Hood

  1. Status Indicator
  2. Power distribution box for blower and light
  3. Fan/filter unit with HEPA or ULPA particle filter
  4. Wall panel options include polycarbonate, static dissipative PVC and stainless steel
  5. LED light fixture
  6. Two-piece hood stand isolates vibration — ideal for high-precision work
  7. Optional equipment includes digital air speed monitor and filter backpressure gauge