Wickbold Combustion Apparatus

Wickbold Combustion Apparatus

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Wickbold Combustion Apparatus

Burns samples in a stainless steel oxy-hydrogen burner to determine total sulfur in petroleum products in the 0.1 to 300ppm range. Tests samples which are viscous, highly aromatic or of high sulfur content with the use of appropriate solvents. Combustion chamber and stainless steel burner are housed in an insulated chamber with hinged heat-resistant and glare-proof shield for viewing burner flame. To ignite flame, depress electronic spark ignitor handle at side of unit. Ignitor shuts off when handle is released. Built-in pressure regulators with gauges allow for accurate adjustment and monitoring of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen pressure. Burner is easily disassembled for cleaning.

Specifications of Wickbold Combustion Apparatus

1. Dimensions


  • Cabinet only: 15x13x18.5 (38x33x47)
  • Net Weight: 40 lbs (18.1kg)